Testimonials from our driving team


At BRT, we're commited to our team members.

I enjoy BRT because I am treated as a person, not just a driver. There is flexibility if I need to be home for an appointment, or anything I need. Anytime I have ever called into the office, I have been treated very well and with respect, no matter the situation. I also enjoy the fact that the Supervisor has been out in the field doing what I do daily and understands what is going on. The equipment is second to none - there is no "bailing wire and duct tape" repairs. When there is a problem with the equipment it is repaired correctly right away. With BRT, it is not just about how much money can be made and saved, it is about the people.

- Scott Griffith BRT Driver - Lima, OH

I like working at BRT because of the company attitude. There is genuine concern in every department to make BRT a great place to work for all of the company's employees. Great companies have great team leaders. That is what we have at BRT. Leaders that don't ignore concerns expressed by the employees. Leaders that have a desire to be involved with sharing their talents to motivate and maintain a company they believe in.

- Dan Rudolph BRT Driver and Field Safety Supervisor